HPC, Data & Architecture week

From 13/3/2023 to 17/3/2023

About HPC

It is a comprehensive school of High Performance Computing (HPC), new computing architectures and large volumes of data processing. The simultaneous realization of five tracks/tours is proposed that aim at different training and needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as cluster administrators. Today, there is not an offer of both introductory and advanced refresher courses for HPC. This school hopes to provide this scope of diffusion and approach to users and administrators of HPC equipment in the country. They plan to give specific technical courses for each audience and common activities that promote interaction between them.

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Our Tracks

T1: Foundations of Parallel Programming
  • 01 Week
  • Parallel programming

T1: Foundations of Parallel Programming

Requirements Advanced undergraduate, graduate o PhD students with previos knowledge in programming …