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Week of High Performance Computing, Data and Architecture. From March 13 to 17, 2023.

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The school will be organized into tracks aimed at different profiles of training and interest. Each one will have a three-hour class in the morning, and another in the afternoon, totaling 30 hours of classes. Additionally, activities common to all tracks will be proposed, such as talks, seminars, workshops that can be used to disseminate the subject to the different student profiles.

This week seeks to recover and deepen the training of human resources for the development of scientific applications and their efficient use in parallel computing environments. Additionally, it is proposed to advance in an aspect that has remained orphaned these years and that corresponds to the training of human resources in the administration and operations of parallel computing equipment. The “Computing Platform Management Tools and Techniques” track will be aimed at providing training on specific topics within the area of ​​high-performance computing operations. It is especially interesting that the tutors are Argentine specialists trained in our country (attendees to previous editions of similar events). and that now are in worldwide centers of reference. Specifically, it is sought that the administrators of the SNCAD associated centers have the possibility to update their knowledge with current issues and best practices in cluster management.